Material for the class on June 1st

For the class on June 1st, we will read chapters 3 and 4 of [CS].

Note that May 25th is a Holiday and so the next class will be on June 1st.

Lectures on Abelian Varieties

Starting May 4th, 2020, we will begin our new topic, Abelian varieties. We are going to follow three sources. These are:

Here is the syllabus of our reading course.

The prerequisites are basic knowledge of algebraic geometry, say chapters 2 and 3 of R. Hartshorne’s Algebraic Geometry book, and basic knowledge of group schemes, say W. Waterhouse’s Affine Group Schemes book (that we just finished in this class).

Because of the Covid-19 situation, our class will be held online. If you would like to actively participate in the class, please send me an email and I will add you to our online meeting group. The class takes place on Monday at 4 pm.

مطالب جلسه ۶ آذر

 برای جلسه چهارشنبه ۶ آذر تا صفحه ۱۰۸ کتاب (شامل تمرین‌ها) را خواهیم خواند.