Useful Resources

In this page I list some math resources, particularly useful for number theory students.

  1. Keith Matthews' Number Theory Web: "The Number Theory Web is a collection of links to online information of interest to number theorists."
  2. Number Theory Books: this is part of the Number Theory Web. Basically any number theory related book ever written is listed here.
  3. Kimball Martin's Automorphic Forms Online References: "This page is an incomplete, but evolving, list of some online references for learning about automorphic forms, representations and related topics."
  4. The L-functions and Modular Forms Database: "These pages are intended to be a modern handbook including tables, formulas, links, and references for L-functions and their underlying objects."
  5. Anthony W. Knapp's very interesting brief introduction to the Langlands program, including references for further learning of this immense and ever-growing domain of number theory.
  6. J. Milne's website: apart from being a great number theorist, Milne is also an excellent writer.

Some awesome blogs to learn the latest math discoveries and the old stuff better (plus other interesting math posts):

  1. Kevin Buzzard
  2. Frank Calegari
  3. Jordan Ellenberg
  4. Timothy Gowers
  5. Terrence Tao
  6. Ravi Vakil

Here are some English and math writing resources:

  1. How to talk Mathematics, by P. Halmos
  2. The Grammar According to West, by D. West
  3. Giving an Academic Talk, by J. Shewchuk

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