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Publications, Preprints & Notes

  1. Resolutions in Model Categories (in progress)
  2. Intersection Theory of Proper Morphisms (in preparation)
  3. On Certain Morphisms between Flag Varieties (preprint)
  4. Drinfeld Displays (preprint)
  5. Multilinear Theory of Commutative Group Schemes (preprint)
  6. $(G,\mu)$-Windows and Deformations of $(G,\mu)$-Displays, joint with Oliver Bültel (submitted)
  7. Explicit Isomorphism between Cartier and Dieudonné Modules (Journal of Algebra 570, 2021, pp. 611-63)
  8. A Cartesian Diagram of Rapoport-Zink Towers over Universal Covers of $p$-Divisible Groups (Communications in Number Theory and Physics, 14, 4, 2020, pp.699-737)
  9. Tensor Operations on $z$-Divisible Local Anderson Modules (Journal of Number Theory 213, 2020, pp.116-151)
  10. Exterior Powers of Lubin-Tate Groups (Journal de Théorie des Nombres Bordeaux 27, 1, 2015, pp.77-148)
  11. Exterior Powers of $\pi$-Divisible Modules over Fields (Journal of Number Theory 138, 2014, pp.119-174)
  12. Homotopy Theory (notes)
  13. Visiting Alexander Grothendieck (notes)

Courses & Seminars

School of Mathematics
Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Niavaran Sq., Tehran, Iran

Office: C12
Phone: +98 21 2310 2206
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